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This photograph of a vintage rotary telephone scene is a reminder of things past. The phone itsself is charming to look at, and carries mystery in each ring. Before the days of caller ID, a member of the household would answer the phone, greeting callers with a "hello" and the name of the residence they'd reached. The caller would then announce themselves, and put in a request for with whom they wished to speak (often with a meek voice, if the caller was underage and had reached an intimidating parental unit on the other end of the line). The recipient of the call would then put their hand over part of the telephone which was spoken into (the transmitter) and scream through the house "X, TELEPHONE!". Once X would pick up the phone, they would then cover the transmitter and scream back through the house "I GOT IT" and, if the original receiver of the call had set the phone down and walked away, the intended would follow up with a passionate "HANG UP THE PHONE". Oftentimes, the handset would be left off the receiver for an entire converstaion so a parent (or nosey sibling) could listen in.


Hang Up The Phone is printed on a luxurious, velvety, Acid-free, pH-neutral paper with archival pigment inks. The velvet texture of the paper rounds out those vintagey tingles you get when thinking about old rotary telephones. 



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